1 December 2017 Newsletter. - 1st Dec 2017

1 December 2017 Newsletter.
Occupancy rate 100%   Arrears – 0.25% for November 2017
As the year continues to fly by this is the last newsletter for 2017. We are sad to announce that after 3.5 years Julie James has left us to pursue other opportunities. Also in December Ginnette Smythe will leave us after 6 months and we wish them both all the best. We enlisted the services of a Senior Property Manager, Sally Moore to manage the work load until suitable replacements are appointed.
As reported in October the landmark case of Parry v Inglis (A Dunedin landlord ordered to refund $10,900 in rent as the property had unpermitted alterations) went to the Appeals Court late November and had the order overturned. The Tenant now has a $10,900 bill to pay back to the Landlord. The Judge believed that the tenant had not suffered any detriment as the property was completed to a high standard and would consider the Landlord’s claim of $4,279. This will result in many cases that used this case as a precedent to be appealed in the coming months. However, it still serves as a warning to Landlords that sub-standard unpermitted conversions will still be susceptible to tenant claim.
Grocery Vouchers
Every year we offer Landlords the option to acknowledge their tenants by way of grocery vouchers and again we would like to extend the offer. The options remain at $50 and $100 New World vouchers. Would you kindly email Nicola directly at nicola@havenpm.co.nz to nominate your preference by Monday 11/12/17. We have great tenants looking after your properties, so we are happy to co-ordinate this good-will gesture.
Rental Market
The demand for rental properties in Nelson Tasman continues to outstrip supply and there continues to be limited stock available as more and more people choose Nelson to relocate too. Tenant enquiry is very strong from Auckland and overseas. The median rent for Nelson/Tasman across all rental dwellings in October was $394.40 (NZ Property Investor November 2017) an increase of 5.24% for the 12 months ended October 2017, the first ‘plateau’ since the 2012.
Rental Disbursement
The next rental disbursement will be on Friday 15th of December for mid-month and Wednesday 3rd January 2018 for the end of the month.
Our offices will be closed from 2.00pm on the 22/12/17 and will re-open on Wednesday 03/01/18 at 8.30am. Property Managers will be on-call over this period just phone our office number (03 548 3440) for the on-call person and they will be able to attend to any urgent matters.
On behalf of the team at Haven Property Management we wish you all the best for the Festive Season, hope you indulge in relaxing activities and welcome 2018 with renewed optimism.
Thank you for your continued support in trusting your assets with our team.
Chris, Nicola, Paul, Georgia, Sally and Darryl 

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