1 February 2019 - 1st Feb 2019

1 February 2019
Heat wave, what heat wave? It’s just normal Nelson temperatures right? It was reported that the overnight LOW was 24.2 degrees on Sunday night (27/01/19), which I believe is some kind of record. Water restrictions are in place around Richmond area with Nelson coming soon I am sure, and unfortunately there is no significant rain scheduled. Sections and gardens are suffering from the extended dry spell. In a user pays society some tenants require incentives to actually water the gardens and while the volume of water is not significant we see it often that the minimum will be done. Possibly consider offering a $5 - $10 water credit to your tenants which equates to 2,000 – 4,000 litres to keep properties hydrated.Properties with fireplaces had their annual chimneys sweeping organized in the month of January with If any firebricks or maintenance was required the company will have advised us and we will secure quotes for remedial work.
The scheduling of insulation installations are now booked through to late April so for any of you last minute decision makers I suggest its time to act. There will be further information coming out in the near future advising our position on any non-compliant properties that we manage.
Rental Market
Property rental listings in the Nelson Tasman region are slowly starting to increase after the high demand period of December and January. At the end of January there were 105 rentals available (up from 80 the previous month): 42 three bedroom properties, 28 two bedroom properties, 22 one bedroom and only 13 four bedroom+ properties available.
The average length of a tenancy with Haven Property Management is 3.3 years and we see this increasing as tenants struggle to cope with the cost of moving and finding comparable dwellings at higher market rates than they are currently paying.  There remains a lack of quality rental properties in the Nelson Tasman region.
The median rent received in Nelson/Tasman for the month ending December 2018 was $413.75; an increase of $4.17 per week from November. The average rental in Nelson Tasman has increased by 7.5% in the past 12 months. (NZ Property Investor) This increase I believe can be attributed to Landlords looking to start taking steps to offset the letting fee being charged to Owners, contrary to the opinions and thoughts of those in power.  Our occupancy levels are 100% for the month of January.
Meet the Team
Michelle Oullette - Property Manager

Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Michelle arrived in New Zealand with her partner in 2013 gaining residency in 2018 after living in Queenstown for 4 years.  Michelle has a strong belief in customer service excellence with extensive experience in varied roles such as Corporate Technical Trainer, Senior Community Living Counsellor, IT Office & Accounts Manager and most recently short-term Luxury Property Rentals and Asset Management. These positions have provided Michelle the skills, patience and resources required to handle any challenge or situation with grace and integrity.  In her free time, Michelle's interests include Waka Ama, hiking; fishing; and of course, traveling the world. She has a serious passion for cooking, baking and cake decorating; and the Team often reap the benefits.

Rental Disbursement
The next rental disbursement will be on Friday 15th of February for mid-month payments and Friday 1st March 2019 for the end of the month payment and statement.
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