1 May 2017 Newsletter - 1st May 2017

1 May 2017 Newsletter Hello,
We have started the month of May with a stunning blue sky day in Nelson, and a very chilling morning with snow on the hills. It is nice to leave April behind, it was a wet month with over 100mm of rain in the Region, mostly around the Easter Holidays.
Autumn To Do List
Before we head into winter, autumn is a good time to get the gutters and downpipes cleaned at your rental property, especially if you have a number of trees around the property whose leaves may clog up the gutters. A full or overflowing gutter may force water back up into the property, and cause water damage. We like to try and avoid this. Please let your property manager know if you would like them to book in this service.
With the cooler autumn days comes an influx of rodents into properties looking for some warm shelter. We have already received a number of calls from tenants about their new furry occupants. Our advice to the tenants is to put down some mouse traps, or lay some bait for the rats. More often than not, this is usually enough to deal to the problem. If it is a bigger infestation we may contact you to organise a pest control expert to tend to the  rodents.
Rental Market Update
As we head into the winter rental market the enquiries for rental properties are starting to slow down at the top end of the rental market in Nelson ($500+ per week).  There is still steady interest for properties around the $350 price range, with insulation and heating the top of tenants’ requirements at this time of the year.

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