1 September 2017 Newsletter - 1st Sep 2017

1 September 2017 Newsletter September 2017


“Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, I wonder where the birdie is” You can bet they are contemplating building their nests in the eaves or under roofing iron of your rental property!!  After the autumn/winter we strongly recommend getting your gutters cleaned out. 

Many insurance companies are insisting on rental properties being inspected every 12 – 13 weeks and require photos to be taken of every room to chronologically determine and prove the condition of properties should a damage claim be lodged.  You will see in the inspection report photos of walls and ceilings and you may think ‘what the heck is that’ and ‘why am I getting these’. Insurance companies have the ability to request inspections to support your claim, so please bear with us.

The first instalment of property rates was paid out in August.  Owners we strongly recommend that you set up direct debits with your Council to have property rates and water rates automatically deducted from your nominated account.  Currently we receive a large volume of rates demands from both Councils in the mail, which is a less than effective, time consuming process and by switching to direct debits will ensure your rates are paid on the due dates.  The Nelson City Council is offering a $500 travel incentive prize draw if you sign up for emailed accounts and direct debits prior to the 04/09/17.  For online registration visit www.nelson.govt.nz.  If your property is in the Tasman District Council catchment please visit www.tdc.govt.nz to set up your direct debit authority.    
Rental Market
The volume of prospective tenants booking in to view properties in August has reduced from July however this correlated to a reduced number of properties available and our vacancy rate was very low as tenants choose to stay put over winter.  With the slowing of the sales market in the 3 main centres (Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch) the regions, such as Nelson, Tauranga and Hamilton are remaining steady as buyers look to the regions for more affordable homes.  Investors are still seeing value in the Nelson/Tasman market and this is reflected in the number of Owners either living outside New Zealand or who live nationally outside of Nelson.
The median rent for Nelson/Tasman across all rental dwellings in August was $380.00 (NZ Property Investor August 2017) an increase of 6.11% for the 12 months ended August 2016
Haven Property Management continues to return high occupancy levels (95%) and low arrears percentages (0.01%) to its Owners as we strive to maximise returns.
From the team at Haven Property Management.

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