August 2019 Newsletter. - 1st Aug 2019

August 2019 Newsletter. August 2019 - Haven Property Management Newsletter.
WAHOO!! We made it!!
The BIGGEST thank you to you, our respected landlords form our team at Haven Property Management….
We are to Code for July 2019 Deadlines!
So now let’s take a deep breath and take the time to applaud our efforts in having our tenants happier and cozier this winter!   The Haven Team has worked extremely hard to achieve this deadline and acknowledge the great team work with you all, to ensure this was completed in time.
Occupancy & Arrears
While we are celebrating, we want to take the time to recognize the incredible effort our team manages to undertake to hit an occupancy rate of 99.74% AND 0.26% rent arrears for July.  We manage to hold under 1% most months due to the tremendous dedication of the Haven Team.
Without the continuous dedication from Paul, Michelle, Kendall, Georgia and Samm we would be unable to achieve these impressive results.
We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our landlords and of course the strong relationships we have with our tenant base.  We are always striving to ensure we have the best fit tenants that suit your properties, to ensure consistent rent payments and respect of your properties.
We believe in a win win win relationship for the landlord, the tenants and for Haven Property Management. 
It is time for celebration, sit back and relax.  We have all worked hard.
For rental industry news, please read on…
Rental Market
Nationally the demand for rental properties continues to outstrip supply, and we are again seeing the negative media stories emerging of sub-standard rental properties being offered, the latest being a Nelson management company. While these media articles portray negativity and despair, within our industry, our properties are of a good standard, compliant and well managed. Our tenants and Owners and Property Managers create wonderful strong relationships that reward both tenants, who stay longer and Owners, safe with the knowledge that their properties are being well maintained and comply with all legislation.
As of 29 July 2019 the number of properties available on TradeMe stands at 123 (previous month 133). This is the third consecutive month the number of available properties has declined. 40% of properties listed are Private Listings This is comprised of 19 (22) one bedroom properties, 36 (32) two bedroom properties, 42 (55) three bedroom properties and 26 (22) four + bedroom properties. The noticeable difference being in the three bedroom range where there is a reduction on 13 properties in the family range.
The median rent received in Nelson/Tasman for the month ending June 2019 was $429.08 ($428.66), an increase of $0.42 per week from May 2019.  The average rental in Nelson/Tasman has increased by 7.92 % in the past 12 months and. July has been a slightly quieter month for enquiries.  (New Zealand Property Investor)
Rental Disbursement
The next rental disbursement will be on Thursday 15th of August for mid-month payments and Monday 2nd September 2019 for the end of the month payment and statement.
Hot Properties
Hot properties from Haven Realty. Please see attached references for property details and contact details for the relative agents. Glenda and Toni. ID:1993068  
With much thanks and appreciation,
Darryl and the Team at Haven Property Management.

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