February 2017 Newsletter - 1st Feb 2017

February 2017 Newsletter At Haven Property Management we have had a busy start to 2017 with a large number of tenants on our database still struggling to secure good quality family homes. They are wanting three or four bedrooms, ideally with two bathrooms and a double garage. Recently at a four bedroom rental listing we had available in Stoke there were over 15 groups at the first viewing. Unfortunately we can only rent the property to one family.  
We have potential tenants walking into our office daily trying to get ahead of the masses to secure a rental property. It can be a very stressful time for some families, especially if they are on a tight time frame as their current rental property has sold.
At Haven Property Management we are often seeking new ways to assist and secure good professional tenants for our property owners. One way that has proven successful has been to offer out of town tenants a real time virtual tour of the property using a video app on our phones. This enables our property managers to meet the tenants online and for the tenant to walk through the rental property with us. Using this technology we have recently helped a teacher and her family secure a rental property from Christchurch, and a journalist from Auckland and his family secure a rental property in Stoke (this even made front page news recently in the Nelson Mail). 
A recent email newsletter from the Nelson Property Investors Association makes interesting reading.
Since October we now have a new Prime minister, a new Deputy Prime minister, we no longer have a minister of housing, and the 40% LVR restrictions are doing what those in power want the market to do. Despite the changes injustices are still being perpetuated in the Nelson court, there are even less properties to let in Nelson, and property prices in Nelson chug on upward. 
The rental vacancies advertised on Trademe for Nelson city slipped below 50 for a few days in    January. Property managers tell me that they are all being pickier on choosing tenants. Most are moving to 12 month fixed term tenancies and achieving increased rent levels. 
Building consents for dwellings present some interesting facts. Before 2015 Nelson city used to be building not a lot less than Tasman but since then it has slipped to around 50% of the numbers in Tasman. Despite what might be said by local and national politicians and media commentators the number of dwellings being consented in Nelson city have still not recovered to the numbers we saw in 2013 and 2014. Meanwhile there is no holding back in Tasman with a new record of 374 in the year ending October being achieved. The limiting factor in Tasman is the availability of sections. The council staff are tearing their hair out trying to keep up with the private sector to provide  services to the approved developments. TDC staff tell me they have major funding problems to supply the demand. There is a huge demand for rental accommodation close to Richmond CBD. However the planning requirements make developments unlikely in this area. 
If you are thinking of buying another rental property Richmond would be a very good place to look. 
Kind regards,
Haven Property Management.

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