October Newsletter - 1st Oct 2016

October Newsletter Hello,
We have welcomed day light savings on the 25 September with the clocks going forward. It always feels like the end of winter and the start of the warmer longer days. Summer isn’t far away!
Rental Update
Spring seems to be the season for tenants to move.  We have had a large number of tenants giving notice in September, some have brought their own properties, others are moving out of town, and the remainder move into another rental property for a range of reasons (more costs effective, closer to children’s schools, or move to a warmer more modern home).
We are starting to see enquiries pick up for tenants moving to Nelson at the end of the year, these are typically from professional families looking for a modern three – four bedroom home with two bathrooms in suburbs close to schools.
Keeping Records for Tenancies
Another requirement that has been made in the Residential Tenancies Act that has not had much media coverage is that all tenancy records now must be kept during a tenancy and for seven tax years after it finishes. These records are defined as tenancy agreement, amendments to the agreement, inspections, records of all correspondence, notices, letters, emails, all maintenance records and photographs and other forms of  communications. Other forms of communications could mean text, Facebook, Snapchat, and maybe even phone call records.  These are to be for all communications with the tenant or any person acting on the tenant’s behalf.  They do not define or limit the definition of what is regarded as a person acting on behalf of a tenant.  If you have any other rental properties that are not managed by Haven Property Management it is important that you keep these records. We have heard of instances where an insurance company has requested past inspection reports for evidence of a claim.
Kind regards,
Haven Property Management.


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