Kendall Robinson - Property Manager

Kendall Robinson - Property Manager Hi I’m Kendall Robinson
Now considered a Nelsonian I have been in the region for 36 years.  I originate from Southland and still have my southern charisma.
I have been in the corporate computer industry, the fitness and wellness industry and property development industry during my working career.  I have run my own business also.
I have a genuine interest in building and construction, I grew up with my parents renovating older homes and I too have a passion for this.  My husband and I have renovated our previous home.  Recently we have missed out on purchasing a 100 year old villa to renovate back to its original glory as a former stately home, so I need to find another project!
I have worked on two 5 million dollar Shopping Centre redevelopments while I lived in Australia and relished in the role as Project Coordinator.
I have an amazing blended family with my two handsome sons and my husband with his two gorgeous daughters.
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